13 February 2012

The six steps

In, Understanding Comics the Invisible Art, Scott McCloud talks about art. He starts off discussing how the cave people used art to mental survive because you can’t always be eating or reproducing. Even though at the time the cave people didn’t think it was art it would now be considered art. Then he talks about the six steps to confirm his belief that cave people were making art. The six steps are idea/purpose, form, idiom, structure, craft, and surface. The idea is the inspiration the spark. The form is how the artist is going to make the art, are they going to use pencils or paint. Idiom is kind of like the genre. Structure is putting it what to put in and what to take out. Craft is the skill level. Structure is the value of the art. After McCloud explains about the six steps he then talks about how these six steps are used in comics making them art. He goes through different scenarios. Each time the comic book artist gets a little bit further then the last. He explains all the obstacles the artist might go through and how easy it would be to just stop and be okay with how far they have gotten, but some aren’t happy about it at all and that drive is the inspiration. It is what keeps them going discovering new ideas or even new forms to get the same ideas across to readers.

This chapter was mind blowing. I would have never considered a comic an art form. Once you take his idea of the six steps to creating art it makes you think about all the possibilities of art. I think McCloud was really on to something when talking about the six steps. If you consider the process any artist goes through it starts with an idea then they chose the form they want to use to show the world then deciding what the artist wants the world to see and the value how much the artist believes its worth was it just the fact that they want to tell you something or do they want to be rich and famous or maybe they didn’t care but the idea was so mind blowing the artist becomes famous anyways.


  1. I agree when anyone takes the time to understand any type of art it becomes more than art. Its a way we learned to express one an other.

  2. Good summary! You covered all the main points of the chapter, and explained them correctly.

  3. Not a bad post! You've got a few confusing bits in there, but it's not bad.