20 February 2012

This Is My Robot

      The caption above is the perfect example of how chapter six in Understanding Comics was presented to me. McCloud is constantly hitting me with a piece of new information every page and chapter. After I read something it always tends to blow my mind because I would have never really thought about it until he brought it up, that is what brings the "wow" factor.
       McCloud uses show and tell to give us the bigger idea of how images had a bigger effect on us as children. Children understand things more by pictures not by so many contexts to confuse the point that is trying to come across. When growing up we have more pictures then words in books to make it easier  for us to understand then the next move is read more words with less pictures. After that we move to books with no pictures at all or even worse of all not reading any books at all. Words and moving pictures have  are society  in a struggle to be able to expand our minds to actually read the words. I think the struggle came into effect after words became more elaborate and abstact. I think us as an a society have become lazy and work for what we have to read.
        After this chapter I have realized McCloud definition seems to becoming more broader. Pictures and words hands down has that great impact of telling stories when used together. Once we grasp how to use both at all times we will probably just open a new chapter but not even close to starting a new book! 

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  1. Great comic, Taneke! We're you get it?! It's important to note that on the internet, citing sources is just as important as in academia; you don't want the creators to sue you for "stealing" their comic ;-)

    Be careful to keep your opinion separate from your summaries though!