12 February 2012

Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art, Chapter 7

Chapter 7 of Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art is a very interesting chapter to read. In this chapter McCloud explains how comics are a form of art and a way for some individuals to express themselves. McCloud has a very broad definition of art, considering almost everything we do as a form of art. He also explains how the creation of any art work is followed by a path consisting of six steps. The six steps McCloud talks about are (1) Idea/purpose; the individual’s main idea, the works content. (2) Form; the medium in which it will be presented. (3) Idiom; the genre the work will belong to. (4) Structure; this is deciding the content that will be used and deciding what will be left out. (5) Craft; where skills and knowledge are applied. (6) Surface; how the work form is presented to the public. All six steps are crucial in following the right path for success; therefore skipping steps should be avoided to reach the works full potential. It is also explained that although this may be a form of art it is also a way of living for other individuals. Those individuals that follow the six steps are the ones with the most success due to their products content is best; thus it is crucial to avoid skipping any step in the process of creating art. In order to get the best product as an individual the focus is on step one; the idea/purpose behind the writing. Each individual has their own personal reason to why they are involved with art (comics), some may do it for passion, others for needs of survival, and others do it for the money and fame, but those that show passion and put in time for creating art are the individuals that may result with the best products.

I thought chapter 7 was very informational and helpful in understanding comics. This chapter made me understand that comics arent just comics to some individuals. I have learned that comics could play a big role in a persons life. To some people comics are a hobby, to others it could be a waste of time, but to others it is a way of living; they are dependent of them. Some individuals view comics as a form of art that will help them approach fame and money, but there are also those individuals that focus on comics and art for passion and also as a form to express themselves to the public.

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  1. Not bad, but remember to relate the reading to something else in your responses.