14 February 2012

"Who knew how epic comics and art could be"

In chapter 7 of Scott McClouds book Understanding Comics The Invisible Art, Scott McCloud discusses how art in comics is a form of self expression and communication. That due to the times that we are living in art is being downgraded and ridiculed. Over time art has changed from a form of self expression to more to the way of survival with making a living. Scott McCloud argues how if the artist is pure that they wouldn't alter their work for money or fame they do it just for the sole sake of art. art has a purpose it has a certain important value it has what is called a path.

This path contains six steps that are used not only in art but used in comics, theater and any other form of art. The first step or idea/purpose is basically the ideas or emotions of the work. The second or the form is the overall structure of any work. The third or the idiom of the work would be the subject matter or what the art or work really means or shows you and the genre or the type of category the work belongs to. The fourth or the structure putting it all together this step shows us how the artist composes and combines these other steps to create the work they develop. The fifth step or the craft is the way the artist constructs their knowledge of the work they are creating. The sixth and final step used in the path is the surface what most people who are judging a piece of art look at just the picture not the actual detail of the lines or the subject matter or form of the work.

Discussing on subject matter the picture above is a perfect example of Idiom this picture is what a pipe but what it says is "This is not a pipe" the subject matter of this image is not a pipe but a picture of a pipe.

I agree with the way that Scott McCloud is explaining to his readers that their is more to the art of comics than just the surface of the actual picture or panel that their is a hidden art under the painting or drawing. That the overall structure of the artists work depicts what the subject matter and the content all have hidden behind the overall surface of any work. Also do not take a work of art and assume it is terrible due to the surface look at the actual content of the work.

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  1. Not a bad post, Cam, but I'm not sure what point you're trying to make with Magritte's painting :-/