28 February 2012

Wow! I Never would have Noticed!

Inventing Comics By Dylan Horrocks, was an eye opening read. Horrocks points out that McCloud is very clever with the style in witch he writes his book Understanding Comics. Horrocks points out that McCloud wrote the book in such way that most of his readers are going to be in agreement with McCloud or are going to be uneducated about comics that they will just assume that what his is saying is right. Horrocks also tells us that McCloud uses definitions of other words to define comics, this helps comics seem more important. When the definition of comics becomes more important the reader begins to really think about the subject of comics and to really consider what Scott McCloud has to say about comics. Horrocks goes in to a few different points of how, us as readers, should question McCloud about the different ways he manipulates the reader into believing his argument. He also compares McCloud's work to a couple other comic artist, R.C. Harvey 's The Art of the Funnies.

I think Horrocks 's reason for writing this article is to point out that Scott McCloud is not right one hundred percent about everything he wrote about in his book. Horrocks is one of the people that really agree with McCloud's goals of his book, to get comics out there, but notices that everything McCloud wrote about was going for his mission. It did not all fall into place so easily for Horrocks, as it did for most of McCloud's reader. Horrocks main point was not to bash on McCloud's book but to simply open people's mind to questioning an author's work instead of just going along with what that author is arguing. 

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