21 March 2012

Batman Begins..Time to make things right.

 The Batman: The Case of The Chemical Syndicate is the very first issue of the Batman comic series that came out in Detective Comics #27. It starts off with Commissioner Gordon and Bruce Wayne sitting and just chitchatting, talking about nonsense. Commissioner Gordon gets a call about the murder of Old Lambert getting murdered. They both rush over to the scene and interviewed his son asking what happened. His son found his father on the floor with a knife in his back and saw that his safe was open, along with the window. The next few panels showed Lambert's business partner being murdered and another paper was stolen by the murderer. The murderer was then caught by Batman himself. Batman steals the paper and takes off to Jenning's house. He arrives at the perfect time just as Roger's was about to be killed, Batman comes in and saves him. He soon reveals the backstabbing (literally ha) plan. Stryker wanted to buy the business and decided to make a secret arrangement where he would slowly began to pay money to take over the business. But, now he planned on stealing the contracts and killing his 3 former business partners so he won't have to pay the money. Batman revealed this entire plan and had Srtyker in his custody but he gets free and when Batman reacts he pushed him into a pool of acid. He did not care one bit. The end of the story Bruce Wayne returns home but the writer does not show him instead it shows a door and it slowly opens. When it is open Bruce Wayne reveals himself as the very mysterious Batman. 

In my opinion, Batman has a very smooth way of operating. When reading this comics I noticed he is very smart and clever. He plans out his actions beforehand, even if it's just minutes before. When he rescued Roger's he stepped back in the shadows when Stryker came into the room. That right there showed he took the time to plan out what he was going to do. He was very sneaky. This reading reminded me a lot of the excerpt we read from Up Up and Oy Vey by Simcha Weinstein. Weinstein mainly talked about Superman and how he was a hero that people looked up to and the same goes for Batman. He may not have close similarities to other people but he has this way where people can admire him from a different standpoint. He has this way where he gives people hope in this corrupted world. 


  1. Not a bad post, Paige. You're hitting on the main differences between Superman and Batman when they came out: Superman is a superhero, but Batman is a detective.

  2. I like your post! Part of the reason why people admire Batman more than Superman is because he relates more to our human nature. Which makes sense because Superman really isn't human at all!! People tend to imagine Superman as being something like a Greek God carved in stone, all powerful, and better than everyone else, however, we tend to recognize Batman as your average rich guy with some amazing stuff, like the bat mobile. Another reason why people probably admire Batman more now may be because the majority of society likes to flirt with the dark side. For instance how many people have played the Fallout games? If you have, you know that you probably killed some people to steal their ammo or caps or weapons. If this game somehow miraculously showed up 50 years ago this sort of behavior would be unheard of. So you see, maybe the reason why Batman is admired by more people today is because society has changed?