21 March 2012

Batman: Delivering Deadly Headlocks since 1939

The world's most emotionally distraught and believable character had to have started somewhere, and in the 27th edition of Detective Comics it happened. Just to see how Batman's demeanor has changed over the years is pretty astounding. In this first story of Batman's Legacy we get introduced to his second "presentable” persona known only as the super wealthy "Bruce Wayne". In this first episode it is hard to conjure any serious character development for Batman's alternate personality, but he is presumed to life a lavish but boring life, which later comics and movies would go on to change.

This first gruesome segment for Bruce Wayne starts of with him overseeing a series of murders being conducted around Gotham City. Bruce quickly starts connecting the clues as the audience continues to read in suspense. Batman then takes flight and apprehends to villains who obviously could have lived if they would have whispered their criminal plans to each other. Batman obtains a letter with the evil double crossing plan and reaches the Chemical Plant just in the nick of time.

One Batman reaches the chemical plant, murder is becoming a reality for Mr.Rogers (not the PBS friendly neighbor) because his business partner's assistant is shoving him into a gas tank. Quick and fast, The Batman breaks in and smashes the gas tank from the inside to save rogers. Batman "greets" Jennings (the assistant) with a righteous flying tackle, and for a minute all seems to be alright, but WAIT! WHO IS JENNINGS ASSISTING? MR.STRYKER!! No worries, Batman is a professional at bludgeoning money hungry criminals. Batman goes a little overboard and throws Styker's body into an acid pit. Turns out that's perfectly fine if Batman threw him into an acid pit because he was a money hungry two-timer. For Batman it's just another day, but for the creation of a legend it is a good start. It only gets more brutal from here. All in all, a pretty rad everyday superhero. Though I feel like if this comic was redone, Stryker's death would have looked a little like a Mortal Kombat fatality


  1. Your pictures are awesome!! You being able to take something completely different and compare them makes me as a reader see the article different now!

  2. "No worries, Batman is a professional at bludgeoning money hungry criminals." Haha! Hilarious post, Rob!

    But how does it relate to another text we've read?!