22 March 2012

Batman's First Save

The very first issue of Batman starts off with Bruce Wayne
and the commissioner Gordon talking about the newest hit in town “Bat-Man”. Suddenly
the two are interrupted by a phone call. The chemical king Lambert was found in
his home stabbed to death. The police believed that Lambert’s son was the one
that killed him because they found his fingerprints on the knife. Bruce Wayne tags along with Commissioner Gordon
to the crime scene. Lambert’s son tells the police they he walked in and his
father had already been stabbed and he pulled the knife from his back, that’s why
his fingerprints were on the knife. Lambert’s son also pointed out the killers
had taken the belongings from the safe. While the police are still there,
Gordon receives a call from Lambert’s partner, Steven Crane. He informs Gordon
that he received a threatening phone call and he was worried he would be
next. Gordon and the rest of the police
rush over to his house. Bruce Wayne decides to “go home”. Bruce man gets in his
costume and heads over to Steven Crane’s house. Batman did not get there in
time to save his life but he did get there in time to beat up the murderers and
steal the papers they had. Batman reads the papers and heads to his next
destination. The last place is Lambert’s
other two partners from his chemical business. Jennings and Stryker are the bad
people in charge of it all. They tie up Rogers (the other partner), in the basement
and uncorks his gas chambers. Once again Batman is there to save the day. He re-corks
the gas chamber and unties Roger. By this time Gordon and the rest of the
police show up and Batman tells them of Jennings and Stryker’s evil scheme. They wanted to own the company so they stole
the contracts so they didn’t have to pay. Batman beats them up and everything
is all good. The next Gordon is talking with Bruce Wayne about what had
happened. When Bruce Wayne leaves, Gordon says that Bruce Wayne must have a
boring life (ohhh if he only knew!!!!!!).
This story can relate to Simcha Weinstein’s book UP, Up and
Oy Vey, when he talks about how the Jewish creators of Superman and Superman
himself had to have alter egos. Bruce Wayne’s alter ego (Batman). The difference between Superman and Batman is
that Superman has to disguise his powers from people with his alter ego and
Batman is Bruce Wayne’s alter ego so that he can fight crime.
I personally love Batman, he’s my favorite! It was cool to
read the first ever Batman comic. The only thing that bugs me about superhero
comics is how the superhero always wins, I know it’s the first edition, but
Batman’s always going to be there to save the day. But I give Batman props
because he doesn’t actually have any powers !


  1. I thought your connection back to Weinstein was good. You made an interesting point about the differences between Batman's and Superman's alter egos. Good post!

  2. Is your post supposed to be a poem? I kid :-)

    I'm not sure I understand the connection you make between the comic and Weinstein, though :-/