09 March 2012

better late than never.

"The Myth of Superman: chapter by Eco Umberto basically discusses whether Superman is a mythic or a literary hero. Umberto mentions a term called archetype, it means that the person has the characteristics of a superhero not the typical stereotypes. Some characteristics are that they try to save people and solve problems, a superhero is more powerful than the regular average man, they always have an enemy; someone that challenges them, and they have had extraordinary circumstances affect their lifestyle. When it comes to extraordinary circumstances, most superheros have had something tragic happen in their life. The tragic event triggers some kind of motivation is the "superhero". It triggers something for example, Spiderman when his uncle was killed he had this kind of emotion of revenge and he must make things right. The extraordinary event defines how the person will be when the become older.

Umberto explains the differences between a mythic hero and a literary hero. The main difference is that a literary hero is unpredictable compared to a Mythic hero who is predictable. But the argument that is valid is whether Superman is a mythic hero or a literary hero. Reason being stated is because every one who read the Superman comics knew that Superman was always going to have a problem, figure it out and overcomes the obstacle. He always win, but when The Death of Superman 1992 issue he crossed over into being a literary hero, he was no longer predictable. No one knew the death of Superman was coming, everyone was shocked it was even on the news! What makes the whole issue invalid is that a few years later DC Comics comes up with the Return of Superman. So now we are confused whether Superman is a literary hero or a mythic hero.

In my opinion, I believe Superman will ALWAYS be a mythic hero. Why you wonder? Because he will always be predictable. Even if he returned from the dead, the reader will always know that if he is faced with a problem, he will eventually find a solution to the issue. It does not make much sense to me. I'm personally not a Superman fan so if he gets killed by Batman it is not really a big deal to me. The writers just need to decide whether he is a mythic hero or a literary hero. No wishy washy.

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  1. Late is better than nothing :-)

    Not bad--but you're mixing in some stuff we added to the discussion of Eco in class that's not actually in his text.

    And how does this relate to another text we've read?