21 March 2012

The birth of a heroic icon

 In the beginning of the first Superman they explained how Superman came to be. A scientist launched superman in a shuttle from his dying planet towards earth. Superman was then discovered by passing motorist.  As superman aged he discovered he has super powers from speed, strength, and skin that even a bullet could not penetrate. Superman is dedicated to serve the people for good not evil. In His first scenario Superman breaks into the governor’s house and shows him a written confession of a murder to prove a girl’s innocence. Superman hides his identity as a newspaper writer for the Daily Star. His name is Clark Kent whenever he is not in uniform fighting crime. Clark asks a coworker named Lois to go out on a date. She accepts and on the date Clark is confronted by a man wanting to dance with Lois. Clark is in hiding from his real identity so allows the man to make him look like a weak person. Lois is upset that Clark does not do anything and she leaves. Superman than comes out and follows the man’s car who confronted him. He picks up the car and beats up the guy.  Superman finds Lois and fly’s her home. The next day Lois tries to explain to her boss that she saw superman. Her boss doesn’t believe her. Also that day superman (Clark) is given a job by his boss. He ignores him and takes a train to Washington D.C. He attends a session of congress. He later sees Senator Barrow talking to a suspicious man. He climbs a skyscraper to follow the senator and man. He overhears the two talking about a law. The suspicious man is a lobbyist. Superman than grabs the lobbyist and takes him to the state capitol to be punished.  
     Superman is invincible. Whenever he is shot at the bullets don’t hurt him. This is what eco is trying explain in his book the myth of superman.  Superman was predictable throughout the whole story.  Eco also shows how superman can never be with Lois because that would make him age. In the first superman Clark is denied by Lois because he is not brave enough to defend her.  He will never be with her.  After awhile people noticed and they became uninterested with Superman and in general all superhero comics


  1. I think this is a good summary! Just be careful when you type "Superman" because he is a person and his name needs to be capitalized! :)

    1. Excellent observation, Chantel! The same goes for the names of authors, like Eco. Otherwise, this is great!