26 March 2012

DA NA NA NA BATMAN!!!! Shadowed By Superman

Batman, there when you need him and gone in the blink of in an eye so that very little people see him but what you dont know is that he is really, DUN DUN DUN, Bruce Wayne. How is that possable?

Oka props go to the Jewish creaters of the all American Superhero Icon Superman from Up, Up, and Oy Vey by Simcha Weinstein. Thanks to them Bruce Wayne was able to go from the rich white boy to his alter ego of the "BATMAN," becaue they were the ones that gave Superman his double identity thus giving other superheroes their alter identities.

Yeah Superman had super powers that allowed him to do many things that Batman couldn't but according to Umberto Eco in "The Myth of Superman" that a superhero is just a human with abilities that make them above the average human. So in the end they are both SUPERHEROES thanks to Eco and the Jewish creaters of Superman.


  1. What are you blogging about here, Makaela?

  2. Pretty much that thanks to Superman he has all his stuff to be a superhero

  3. But the assignment was to first summarize one of the comics, and THEN relate it to another text :-/