22 March 2012

He Da Man!!!!

This Classic Superman comic starts out with Superman's planet being destroyed, or blown up and the only way to save Superman is to have his parents send him to planet Earth. Somebody finds him and sends him to an orphanage, but it isn't long until they realize that there is something different about this young man. He has super human strength, and can run and jump faster and higher than anything known to man.
In this comic we find out that Superman's secret identity is Clark Kent and that he works at the newspaper as a reporter. He goes around saving peoples’ lives, brings peace, and justice, one day at a time, while still doing his job.  He is the man!
In the comic Clark Kent gets the courage to ask Lois on a date. On this date Clark and Lois are dancing when a man named Butch decides that he wants to cut in and have a dance with Lois. Clark lets him (because of course he does not want to fight nor show that he has superpowers) and Lois is very upset. She calls him a coward, jumps into a cab and drives home. On her way home Butch follows her, and steals her. But to her surprise and probably relief Superman is there to save her.
The differences between Superman, and Clark Kent are…. Superman is bold and not afraid of anything. He goes around saving people’s lives and brings justice to the people. He is not afraid to stand up for himself and not afraid to put himself in dangers way all to help others. On the other hand I don’t think  Clark Kent  is a cowered as Lois explains it. He is scared to stand up for himself, and for those around him because he does have superpowers in which he cannot use in front of others.

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