22 March 2012

Heroism in Disguise

In the first comic, Superman in Action Comics #1, of the mythical Superman, Eco relays the message that Superman is a mythical character. Throughout the encounter of the story, Superman does not claim any sort of weakness, which prolongs the tale and the mystery of the character for later comics. Although the presence of any weaknesses does not exist in the first comic, he declares and develops an ongoing love life. As its assumed, mythical creatures do not assume these types of lives; so, Super man was categorized in the genre of Literacy.

As the first comic unfolds, the creation and early life of Superman is unveiled. Everything from his arrival to earth, from the infant/early childhood years, to the transitions he faced as an adult are told in this first comic. In his early years, Superman’s parents were faced with triumph and adversity, when the pain staking decision of sending their son off for essential survival and keeping him was weighing on them, as their home planet was being attacked.

As his first encounter, Superman saves an innocent woman. As this woman is being falsely accused of murder, Superman comes to her rescue. Using his lightening fast speed, he races to the governor with proof of her innocence, which makes newspaper headlines all over.
Superman’s secret identity is crucial to him and his well being. As a cover, Superman has a steady, regular job as a journalist at a local newspaper. His assignment at the paper was to observe and report any and all Superman headlines and appearances that he came across. His alias name was Clark Kent, so that no would suspect his secret obligation.

As his second encounter in the first magazine, a knifed man appears and is causing all kinds of havoc for the city. As expected and imagined, Superman once again, comes to the rescue. After a fierce battle, Superman disarms the bad guy, just as law enforcement arrives. As the Police scatter onto the scene, Superman transforms back into his alias Clark Kent the journalist, trying to catch the latest gossip.

Throughout the chain of events, Clark develops an interest in fellow co-worker Lois Lane. After many rejections and plenty of disinterest, Lois Lane finally agrees to an evening out with Mr. Clark, As the night unfolds, Lois is approached by another man and constantly challenges Clark for the attention and company of the pretty lady. Clark has no wish to challenge the other man, and comes off as though he doesn’t care about Lois and the competition of another man for attention.

Later in the story, as Lois gets into danger, Superman comes to her rescue, despite their rocky history. As anyone would, Lois reports her encounter to her superior at the papers where the story is run. Clark overhears here encounters as the day drags on and is saddened when he is no longer recognized by her for the remainder of the day. This comic is the beginning of an epic tale of heroism, love, triumph, sadness and despair; this comic started the beginning of a legend, the legend of Superman.


  1. Really fancy your writing!! But most of all your summary: a little too detailed but I like it. However, you should have summed up by giving more response and relating it elaborately to another text.

  2. I agree with Tsering! Very interesting to read. Only thing missing was the relation to another text.

  3. Yeah, this summary is much too long for such a short comic. And where's your response?