22 March 2012

The Beginning of a Legend

    In Action Comics #1 Superman makes his first appearance in the world of comics. His story begins when he is a baby and is send off to earth to escape the destruction of his planet. Then the story skips through time and we are introduced to the new hero with supernatural abilities. In his first appearance as a hero we see him with a woman racing through as he is trying to talk to the governor in order to save an innocent life. Superman then is forced to knock down the door as he is first turned down. Then to show his great strenght he knocks the governor's metal door. We also see his powers as he gets shot and the bullet ricochets off his skin. Then we see Superman save the day when he delivers a confession to the governor that will save a life. Clark Kent is then called by his boss in The Daily Star, in which he is assigned to cover the reports of Superman. Clark using some irony replies back "If i can't find out anything about this Superman then NO ONE CAN!" Superman is once again on duty after hearing of a man beating his wife. He takes care of the problem and even has enough time to change into Clark Kent before the police arrive. Later on Lois Lane is first introduced as Kent nerviously askes her on a date. Lois accepts and then the story is skiped to later that night were Clark and Lois are dancing. Another plroblem is presented once again as another man intimidates him when he wants to steal Lois from him. Clark as the whimpy guys backs off and Lois slaps the man and takes off. Superman is once again needed as the bad guy is chasing after Lois and eventually kidnaps her. Superman manages to save Lois and he advises her to not print the story. Back in The Daily Star Lois ignores Clark for his cowarly act the night before. Clark once again is assigned another job but ends up in Washignton D.C.. In Washignton he sees suspicious activities and decided to investigate. He finds out that one of the senators had been commiting corruption by trying to pass a bill. Superman then tries to gain information from Alex Greer, Senator Barrows' complice. Not getting any information, Superman takes off with Alex leaping into the night.
    In Up, Up, and Oy Vey Simcha Weinstein analyzed how Jewish tradition helped shape Superman. Many people even argue that he is Jewish as there are many characteristics that make him look Jewish. But reading the comic for the first time, we cant really see how Suprman is Jewish. Its not untill we examine it that connections can be made. Even though his escape from Krypton was only introduced briefly, we can still see how it can be compared to the story of Moses. In the video The Death and Return of Superman its explained how superheroes are handed powers like if they were candy. We can see how this happens as Superman starts with the ability to leap, incredible strength and incredible speed. Today, Superman's powers seemed to have increased as he can basically do anything he wants.

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  1. Why do you think his powers have increased? You're dealing with some interesting ideas here that can be expanded :-)