21 March 2012

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's SUPERMAN!

Action Comics #1 is about how Superman came about, what his powers are, and how he always manages to save the day! Superman made his first appearance on Earth as a baby in a vehicle that came from another planet. The comic jumps from Superman being a baby to a full grown adult. Superman saves an innocent woman's life but needs to get to the governor's house as soon as possible. He meets up with someone who is staying at the governor's house. The person argues with Superman that he cannot see the governor. Of course, Superman uses his mighty powers to force his way through to see him. Once he saw the governor, he immediately states, "Evelyn Curry is to be electrocuted in 15b minutes for murder. I have proof here of her innocence- a signed confession!". Once Superman told the governor that, the person that was arguing with him earlier pulls out a gun and shoots Superman! But of course, the bullet only ricochets off of his chest. Clark Kent ( Superman's human identity) gets called into the office to get questioned about a fellow named Superman. He is given the assignment to cover and figure out who he is. Superman comes to save the day when told that there was a wife beating and makes the man who is doing the beating, faint. Superman returns to his human identity and returns to his work and asks Lois Lane to dinner. They run into these three men who try to steal Lois Lane away from Clark. Butch (one of the men) confronts Clark and Clark does absolutely nothing and that causes Lois to leave because Clark was nothing but a coward. She leaves in a taxi and little does she know that Butch and the other two men were following her. Butch rams Lois' taxi into a ditch and kidnaps her. Superman appears and kicks their butt. Lois returns to work the following day to only brag about Superman saving her life. Clark is at work also and receives an assignment to go to San Monte but actually goes to Washington D.C to find out who is behind in corrupting Senator Barrows. Once more, Superman saves the day!!

This comic relates to the book, Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art. Reason being is because this comic uses a lot of closure while we read from panel to panel. Because we are aware of what closure is, and how it works, we can easily recognize when we are using it. In Understanding Comics, we learned that capturing motion is a big part in comics. In Action Comics #1, there is a scene where Superman is leaping over a car. In that picture, there are lines showing that there is motion in the picture. This comic was really easy to understand and real easy to recognize how and why the comic was written the way it was. Without the book, Understanding Comics, I wouldn't have been able to understand it as much as I actually do.


  1. this is a really good summary of the superman story. It was interesting that you related it to the Understanding Comics book.

    1. Not really adding to the conversation here :-/

      This summary is pretty good, Chantel, except that you write that he saves the day. But he falls at the end of the issue! We don't know what's going to happen?! He could die! Just sayin' ;-)