22 March 2012

It's a Plane, It's a Bird, NO, It's SUPERMAN!!

It’s a plane, it’s a bird, NO, it’s SUPERMAN!
Superman is his name and comics are the game! Great comics are born from amazing beginnings and one comic in particular started a phenomenon. In the very first original superman (the beginning, Action comic One), superman began not with his history but with him ready to save society. The comic starts out with him trying to help a woman being accused of murder, and murder she did not do. Superman finds the real murderers and decides to deliver them to the governor’s house. In a way back when the comic was starting out, superman wasn’t “the man” yet, so it wasn’t possible to see the governor just like that. Even though, it was difficult didn’t mean it wasn’t impossible for superman. He pushes through to see the governor, and makes his first damsel in distress case (if that’s a way to put it). He tells the governor that the real murderers are located outside and the woman is innocent. A day later it shows the man behind the superhero’s identity, Clark Kent. His life hides his true identity with the help of his job as a reporter. After the world knowing of superman’s presence, Clark Kent (superman) gets assigned to cover to all of superman’s stories. Even with the help of his job and connections, he than starts to hear about a woman whom is getting beaten by her husband and he decide to save her. In the comic, he changes to superman quickly and when his job is done, he quickly changes back to Clark Kent. This gives it a really interesting image for the comic.
In the comic, as well, Clark Kent has a love interest and her name is Lois Lane. In the comic, Clark asks Lois to go out on a date with him, and of course Lois says yes. As they go on out to their date, it didn’t take long for trouble to stir. Lois and Clark decide to dance and soon a man comes over to cut in. Clark had no objectives but that did not satisfy what Lois thought. She threw a fit due to Clark not defending her, but rather him being OK with it. So, Lois left but it wasn’t long after that a couple of men followed after Lois and before you know it; superman is there to rescue her from the crazy men. The next day after, Lois excited in joy, talks about how she met superman and the love triangle begins. A new panel scene begins where Clark travels to Washington D.C for a job. As he is in Washington D.C, he runs into men whom are senators, but as he begins to listen to their conversation, he notices that the senator is talking about a bill that he finds quite interesting. As superman, he talks to the senator and asks him why he won’t explain his bill and such. The comic is to be continued from there.
The setup of the comic story is nothing like up to date comics today. The artwork and story line had an efficient amount of straight to the point work, and it wasn’t about the history or in depth sequences, it focused on the very short but right to the point matters of the situations. Also, the world crisis matters were based on real life events and real life criminals rather than fictional crisis events and fictional evil. After looking at the very first comic, I’ve noticed that there were a few similarities and methods that McCloud used in Understanding Comics. A quick view of this was when McCloud talks about craft and the six method steps. He mentions subject-to-subject, scene-to-scene and aspect-to-aspect. As you look at the first comic of superman, it uses some methods of those, and closure can be a part of that aspect due to the acceptance of superman’s double lives and his purpose towards saving the world. Now, that's amazingly interesting!

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  1. This needs a very close proofread, Vonna. Aside from that, the summary's really long for a 10-page comic, and I don't see how you're relating this to McCloud's ideas :-/