06 March 2012

The Relations between us... and Superman

The Myth of Superman goes into why superheroes are created and what we, as reader, have made the image of superheroes become. To us, we compare superheroes to ourselves, their secret identities mirror our own actual lives. Although the super heroic part of it is derived from what we as humans wish we could do. We use superheroes as a self-esteem enhancer to make us feel good about our everyday lives. Take Superman for example, a charming fellow, is faster than a speeding bullet, has x-ray vision and supersonic hearing, but his alter ego is a man who can’t quite get the girl, who has less than perfect vision, who can barely hear a conversation going on in the corner of the same room. A man invented at a time of need to get readers mind off of current events and make them fantasies of a life that isn’t possible but make them wish it was. “Clark Kent Personifies fairly typical the average reader who is harassed by complex and despised by his fellow men.”(108).
Another factor that draws humans into reading these comics; what person alive doesn’t have someone that they are crazy for, but that person might not be so interested in them, but someone else who they just can’t compare to?  Superman comics have this ironic love about them that even though Clark Kent is madly in love with Lois Lane, she would rather prefer Superman, even though Clark Kent and Superman are the same person. If we think about this, we can make a pretty good assumption, that sure, there is no such thing as Superman. But, in a since, Superman exists. Okay not the “as fast as a speeding bullet, x-ray vision, supersonic hearing” part, but the secret identities of those who are great is left behind.  

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  1. You're rushing through this way to quickly. These aren't all of Eco's points! Where's the rest?

    And how does this text relate to another?!