22 March 2012

Superman Laying a Foundation for Future Supers

The Clark Kent phenomenon is introduced as a man in his Superman costume. Superman called on the Governor to help a women who was wrongfully accused of murder prove her innocence. The mistake was immediately fixed after Superman presented the evidence to the Governor. Kent then went to his day job as a newspaper reporter. He is interested in a women named Lois, and that day he invites her on a date. As they are dancing a man named Butch comes up to them asking if he can dance with her. Lois wanted Kent to stand up for her and not let this man take control of the situation. However, Kent did not and that disappointed her. She later called him a coward and jumped into a cab leaving Kent behind. Butch and his friends then followed the cab and ran it off the road and then retrieved Lois. Luckily, Kent had changed into Superman. He then stood in front of Butches car who did not stop forcing Superman to jump over the car and chase after it. He then picked up the car, grabbed Butch, and gave him a wedgie with Butches underwear hanging by a electric pole. He then rescued Lois and asked her not to write a report about this for the newspaper. The following day Kent went to work trying to talk to Lois who was ignoring him. Kent's boss later asked him to get a good picture for the front page of the newspaper. Kent ends up going Washington D.C. where he finds Senator Barrows having a suspicious conversation with Alex Greer (Kent snaps a picture of the two men). Kent hears their conversation and picks up on where they will be meeting later on that night. He goes to where they are meeting and finds out that they are discussing about a bill that will be passed. After their conversation Greer leaves where Superman retrieves him and carries him by the foot across telephone wires to the capitol.

This comic involves a lot of closure because it jumps from situation to situation. This refers back to what Scott McCloud discussed in Understanding Comics about closure. McCloud believes that without closure comics would be unreadable which is proven within the first Superman comic. Closure plays a huge role and without it this particular comic would be unreadable. In one particular part Superman was giving Butch a wedgie and the next panel Butch was hanging by a light pole with a wedgie. Closure helped you understand that Superman placed Butch there hanging by his underwear. Both panels were separated and the readers were able to see both panels and perceive it as a whole.

Superman seems like a FBI agent on steroids. Superman immediately had a positive identity in the public eye. After helping that women getting out of prosecution everyone looked at Superman as a hero and on the governments side. His true identity Clark Kent is the exact opposite of his secret identity. That is why Lois considers Clark a coward, and is not interested in him. Clark is probably trying to be the exact opposite of Superman so that way no one ever realizes who he truly is. In a sense Spiderman and Superman are a lot alike. They are probably a lot alike because all of the other superheros were created after Superman. Superman laid the foundation for future Superheros and everyone has followed the rules of superheros. Many superheros fall under the same category and that is why I have never been completely intrigued by superheroes because they are very much the same which makes them very predictable.

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  1. Not a bad summary and response, Karli. But you're not so much RELATING it to McCloud's ideas as showing how it exemplifies them :-/