01 March 2012


Even over hundreds of years, superhero stories have been of influence for the public to grasp, just in a different form of realism, more like real world events. In the article, Up, up and Oy Vey, it talks about how Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster created a few masterpieces of their own that became the most epic superhero comics of all time and today is known worldwide. It did not just stop with them but because of their creations, more and more Jewish artists began creating superheroes of their own. Superman, Batman, and a few other major superhero comics of all time were just a few of what they created, but we can’t give them all the credit. Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster were Jewish writers whom used old history stories of their own ancestors and re-invented them to fit an ideal superhero. During the period of the 1900s, people seemed to need a superhero all due to the outbreak of World War II and so they decided to draw them with their idealistic background of Jewish Muslim. They began to create characters that were powerful and dedicated to protecting the innocent and conquering evil (villains).
After the war steadily began to decline, the comic world may have decreased in marketing, but it didn’t stop just because of a few numbers dropped, it began to progress in a bigger way of comic life. It made fantasized dreams of the public come to life by allowing them to use their imaginations. Superman, Batman and the spirit, Captain America, Justice League, Fantastic four, Hulk, Spider-Man, and X-men were comics personified as theme to theme that transpired the Jewish tradition. Many do not know, but Superman’s original name was ‘Kal-El’. Even after Jews began to create remarkable comic work, it actually took years for their work to be well known throughout. Over time the comic world began to become a multi-million marketing deal and more and more ideas for superheroes began to be written by Jews. The inspiration that came from Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster and many other comic artists helped Jews see what potential they can bring and inspire new artists to progress ideas in the comic world.
It is amazing how ideas are put together to create an even bigger purpose than just one self-connection. In Scott McCloud’s book, Understanding Comics, he talks about all these diverse cultures that create different works of comic art every day and explains that with their cultural background, they could create remarkable comics and show comics are important. In this article, it’s doing just that. It’s giving a story about the creation of comic history, in terms of superheroes. Ideas come from everywhere, this was just the beginning.


  1. Very well summarized.
    But, you should have stressed more about Superman, than all the history.

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    Tsering makes some good point, but this isn't a bad post.