23 March 2012

Superman: A Physical Marvel

Hes not Human!----Thank Heaven he's apparently on the side of law and order! - Governor.

In the first Superman Comic created by Jerome Siegel and Joe Shuster, Superman's life is briefly gone over and we see his first triumphs over evil. As a baby Superman was sent down from a distant planet to Earth, his parents died when the other planet was destroyed due to old age. He was raised by caretakers they were astonished with his strength. Although his strength wasn't the only super power he had, he could also leap very far distances, run faster than the speed of light, and could fly. As a teenager, when Superman started to mature, he realized all of his super powers. Superman's first triumph takes place with him saving a women from being electrocuted. He has to break into the Governor's room and show him a signed confession from the criminals who are tied up in the front yard. Superman gets old enough to land a job as a reporter, but of course he can't be Superman, he has a secret identity as Clark Kent. His boss asks Clark to report on Superman any chance he gets, of course he will be able to. Clark Kent asks Lois Lane out on a date, she finally decides to give him a chance and says yes. Once the two are on their date, Butch tries to cut in between the two, Clark doesn't cut in and Lois has to dismiss Butch by herself. Lois leaves the date running away from Clark, who according to Lois is spineless. The taxi cab she got into was then ran into a ditch by Butch and his friends, Superman then has to rescue Lois. Superman deals with Butch and his friends and takes Lois lane to the city. Clark is sent to Washington D.C and finds out about a scandal between a senator and a lobbyist. Later when the senator and lobbyist meet, Superman shows up and takes care of the lying lobbyist. The comic then ends with to be continued.. In the comic, Superman was shot and stabbed, but both didn't affect him because of his tough skin. Which is why he is believed to be inhuman.
Emberto Eco's, "The Myth of Superman" best relates to this comic. In "The Myth of Superman", Eco discusses how the creators have the problem of straddling the line between mythical hero and literary hero. Superman seems to be mythical because he is seen as "inhuman". When he is stabbed and shot and doesn't die it gives the effect that he will not die due to any humanly thing. Also, he starts off like other mythical heroes, he is a child and then he is an adult and we don't get much detail after that. The problem with the literary part is that Clark Kent has feelings for Lois Lane which is a human trait. Also, if Superman was a myth this one comic would have went over his whole story and their wouldn't be more stories published later. 

I can now say that Superman is the first comic book I've ever read and it wasn't half bad. The story was entertaining and even though i knew that he wasn't going to die, its interesting to think the people around him still can. 

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