06 March 2012

Superman? Should be 74 years old!!!

According this article, “The Myth of Superman,” Superman was created in 1938; therefore he should be about 74 years old. It was created by two young boys in 1932 but wasn’t published until 1938. They have been dreaming about the ideal superhero for quiet sometime. But they didn’t really get a clear image about what kind of superhero they really wanted. Until 1932 when they knew exactly what kind of superhero they wanted to create.
The article, “The Myth of Superman,” is a journal that gives us knowledge about our American icon that we didn’t know. It starts out by refreshing our memories about Superman by going over the powers that he has. They are flying at the speed of light; he can also travel through time, has enough pressure in his hands to turn a coal into a diamond and can move at supersonic speed. He has super strength, x-ray vision, super hearing and “bore through mountains.” From the other reading we are informed that Superman is not from planet Earth but a planet that blew up, named Krypton. Superman was sent from his planet to our planet just before it blew up. He was adopted by another family and they raised him as their child. As he grew up he discovered his powers, although we as readers don’t get to see Superman grow up. When he grows up he has disguised himself as a journalist, named Clark Kent. Clark’s personality is the exact opposite of Superman. Superman is a heroic, villain fighting, handsome, helpful and not mentioning extremely handsome. On the other hand Clark Kent is not smart, shy and fearful. Clark Kent is the normal everyday hard working man and by night he is Superman, the villain fighter, who comes when the citizens are in desperate need of a hero. There is a fact that everyone should already know about which the forbidden love. Lois Lane finds Clark Kent as a nebbish co-worker and doesn’t give him a time of day. Which Clark Kent is just a regular guy who is extremely shy when it comes to the one girl that he really wants to make his wife. If he was to make her his wife that would be a step back instead pushing him forward. But when it comes to Superman, she is more than willing to do anything for him.
Superman wasn’t the only baby that escaped the planet Krypton. There is a girl super hero that is mentioned when Superman was known as Super baby. She is the cousin to Superman and isn’t raised by a family. But she is in a girls’ school patiencely waiting for puberty. She has decided to come out to the world when she comes upon puberty.
I would say that the creators of the Superman took bits and pieces from other stories. They took the superhero idea from the comics that were coming out at the time. The storyline of sending a baby from the planet before it destructs is a modified version of the biblical story of Moses.

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