21 March 2012


 In Action Comics #1, Superman makes his first appearance. The story starts off with a brief background on where Superman came from, and then the store takes a turn to his adult life. In his adult life his first mission was to save a woman from being electrocuted for a murder she did not commit. When Clark (Superman’s secret identity) went into work at the newspaper, his job became keeping track of all the Superman headlines; he was to report on the phantoms every appearance. Then he gets a tip a man is beating a wife, but Clark doesn’t show up Superman does, then when the cops come he pretends to be Clark. After he returns to the newspaper and ask Lois to go on a date, when she accepts he takes her to dance and there they have a run in with Butch. Butch wants to dance with Lois and Clark barley puts up a fight. Lois informs him this is why she wouldn’t date him. Then Lois gets into trouble when Butch and his friends fallow Lois. There is no reason for fear because Superman comes to save the day. After Lois goes to work, tells the boss about the encounter, and ignores poor Clark. Clark gets sent to San Monte, but instead goes to Washington D.C., where he discovers a man black mailing the senator to pass a bill. Once again Superman shows up and saves the day.

This comic is what Eco has been talking about, Eco tells us about how predictable Superman is, and even though I myself have never read a Superman comic I now know what Eco had been talking about. I could almost predict the whole comic. Eco talks about mythical and literary characteristics and which is Superman, and in just this first Comic Strip I want to ask myself the same question what is Superman really mythical or literary? Where is this hero going to go? Other than being predictable, I really enjoyed reading this comic. It was cool to see for myself what a Superman comic was all about.


  1. Good summary. I agree that Superman is predictable, but people still read the comics. Why do you think that is?

  2. Because people like reading something they can always count on. Superman will always win so it is kind of an assurance to people that good will always win. And there are so many books, comics, movies, etc. out there that are very unpredictable, so it is nice to read something that is easily predictable.

  3. Excellent comments!

    And a good post :-)

  4. It is interesting how after so many Superman issues the predictability does not scare away readers. It may be the security of knowing that he will never die like Marci said but also the idea that "what if he dies in this episode" may also encourage readers to stick around.