22 March 2012


Janelle McGee
In “Superman” Action Comics #1, Superman is created. The story of Superman begins on the background of Superman where we learn about his childhood life and where Superman came from. The Superman story then transitions to Superman as an adult. The adult Superman’s first encounter as a super hero was saving a woman being terrorized by means of electrocution because the woman was wrongly accused for committing murder. We find out that Superman has a secret identity. That secret identity is a regular guy who works at the newspaper also known as Clark. Clark’s responsibility while working at the newspaper was to observe all of the Superman Headlines and report every appearance that the super hero would make. The next encounter for Superman deals with a woman being abused by a man. As Superman deals with the situation, the cops show up. Superman does not want his secret identity to be revealed, so as soon as the cops showed up, Superman changed into his every day attire to become Clark. Clark has a thing for Lois Lane. Since Clark is also Superman, Clark also has Superman’s muscles and good looks. Clark built up the courage to ask Lois Lane on a date, Lois is asked to dance by another man, and Clark ruins things by not really caring that another man wants Lois. This proves why Lois was never really interested in Clark. Once Lois gets into danger, Superman comes to save the day as expected. Being that Lois works with Clark at the newspaper, she informed the boss about her encounter with Superman, which hurt Clark’s feelings because Lois did not pay attention to Clark the whole day. Superman is a super hero. Whenever there is a problem, he comes to save the day. Predictable, but exciting. The very first comic of Superman portrays that Superman has no weaknesses. In the Myth of Superman, Eco relays the information that Superman is mythical. Superman lets us know that he may not have weaknesses in the first comic, but that he at least has a love life which lets us the readers know that he is still human. Being human categorizes Superman in the literary genre. Comic writers were bordering the line between mythical and literary heroes. For a while, the variations become much more unclear about the mythical and literary heroes, which is why Eco is says that comic is in danger of losing its population.
My opinion is that Superman is unpopular today because people have seen so many comics throughout the American culture, that Superman has just become boring. You can’t have a superhero with no weaknesses, and when that superhero does have weaknesses they have to be kept. The superhero can’t just have a weakness and then acquire a new super power the same time villains find out what the weakness is. I thought that the Superman story was entertaining so I did not dislike reading it.


  1. This is a good summary but in the beginning you mentioned that Superman was introduced and it talks about his life and childhood. Superman didn't have a childhood, which is why super heroes are questionable.

    1. Good point! This comic completely skips his childhood.

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  3. Introducing Superman as a child and then immediately jumping to his adulthood is one of the reasons Superman has a hard time blossoming into a literary character. Creators of Superman should have realized that and tried to create some type of realistic childhood for him.

  4. "The very first comic of Superman portrays that Superman has no weaknesses."

    Actually, it says early in the comic that he's not invulnerable. An artilery shell can not only hurt Superman but kill him. Baring that in mind, I'm not sure how this relates to Eco's idea that Superman's invulnerablity makes him predictable, especially since he falls at the end of the story. For all the reader knows, he could die.