23 March 2012

Typicial Batman!

     Bruce Wayne is looked at as a simple man living a boring and moderate life. Meanwhile people don't he is the one behind the mask of Batman. Batman the hero that always conquers good and comes to the rescue and saves the day. In this first issue Batman comes into the picture on a mission to solve a murder, and ends up stopping the bad guys with a "sock".
     Batman is informed that there was killing of Mr. Lambert, with a knife in his back and his safe broken in too and took a piece of paper. Then next on the list was Steven Crane which was killed and the criminal broke into his safe and stole a piece of paper too. But what he did not know was Batman was waiting for him on top of the roof. The criminal and his accomplice were stopped in there tracks. Batman killed them and took the paper they stole out of the safe. After Batman reads the paper, he takes off to his next destination Mr. Rogers house. By the time Batman got there he found Rogers in a gas chamber and breaks in and rescues rogers before it is to late. Then the true villain came out, the one who has been behind this whole plan. It is Stryker!
     Batman figured out Stryker was behind this all because the paper he took from the criminal was a contract between Lambert, Crane, and Rogers which was a business contract. Stryker wanted to kill all his other business partners so that way he can make more money and have it all. Of course Batman saves the day again.
      I thought this article was good and it is always nice to have the ending of good conquering evil. I just feel like Batman is so predictable and always knows what to do next. He can beat up anyone and seems to never be defeated. Guess I just felt like it was another typical Batman mission.

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