06 March 2012

What's the Deal With Superman?

So what’s the deal with Superman? We all know that he is geeky Clark Kent than changes to Superman by changing into spandex and taking off his glasses but he never gets old and never dies. I mean over time he gets new powers to defeat his new enemy. I know that this is done so that the audience of Superman can stay hooked which is done by McCloud in his book Understanding Comics. He made his book in the form of comics so that it can keep his audience interested in comics and tries to relate his writing to their everyday lives. Now the writers/creators of Superman give him new powers and abilities but what they didn’t know that after a while Superman will come to the point where he will no longer catch the interest of the readers because he cannot be destroyed but they did manage to relate Clark Kent to others everyday lives. Clark Kent is like the high school nerd who want’s the cheerleader (Louis Kane) who is just his friend who want’s the football star (Superman) who is to into his career.  Now on to the love triangle that’s going on here,  Superman and Louis obviously have a love connection that you see every time that superman saves Louis but nothing more comes of it. But what if superman and Louis did get married? Would that be his down fall and the end of Superman? So now he is this unbeatable guy but a human female can be his down fall? What's up with that? So in the end of it all Superman isn't really invincible. So which is it? Can Superman be taken down or will this just end up like the Increadables where they were superheroes but became domesticated and we'll see a chubby Superman who tries to fit back into his tight spandex?

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  1. What are you writing about here, Makaela? This doesn't really complete the assignment...