22 March 2012

Where the Obsession With Superman All Began...

In the beginning comic "Superman" The character starts off as an infant with exceptional strength and power. As Superman realized that he had unnatural powers, he decided he needed to use them for good. Superman as a normal person was known as Clark Kent, who was portrayed as an ordinary man with an ordinary job as a newspaper reporter. The comic starts off with Superman saving the life of a woman who was wrongly accused of a murder, who was going to get electrecuted. After superman saved this woman's life by finding out who the real killer was, Clark Kent's boss demanded to find Superman and write a juicy story about him. Clark Kent agreed to write a story about him. Clark has a crust with his co-worker Lois Lane, and he begins to take her to a dance, where he gets in an argument with Butch. Butch runs Lois Lane off the road, and then Superman comes to the rescue and saves Lois Lane. Superman grabs Butch and hangs him on an electric pole as punishment for abducting Lois.
Reading this comic was very interesting because he is not the modern day superman that we all know of. Superman in this comic has Super strength and speed, but the modern day superman has more super powers such as flying. This Comic was also a little cheesy but it still made superman popular, which is important.
In the book Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud he writes a chapter on closure, which we use when we read this comic. Since this comic has a lot of action, we use our imagination to create how he defeats his enemies. If we didn't read Understanding Comics then we would'nt understand how we made up what superman did in between the panels.

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  1. Great post, Kayla, except for two things: 1) Superman should be capitalized and 2) you're not really relating this to McCloud's ideas so much as showing how it exemplifies them :-/