09 April 2012

Annotated Bibliography Blog

Spiegelman, Art. "In the Shadow of No Towers." Comic strip. First ed. Pantheon, 2004. Print.

            “Art Spiegelman…to the comics world is a Michelangelo and a Medici both, an influential artist who is also an impresario and an enable of others.” For most people remembering things that happened years ago might not be the most important thing to do. But something like September 11th is definitely embedded into people’s minds. Art Spiegelman’s In the Shadow of No Towers is an autobiographical comic on just that, the attacks of the World Trade Center. Spiegelman has the ability to make people see different worlds in ways that no one thought of. He is capable of making others grasp the true magnitude of these attacks in ways that reach out to people even more. In my research paper I will be using this comic, along with other greatly written autobiographical comics, to truly understand the concept behind these types of comics.

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  1. Good annotation. But where is that opening quote from? Or does Spiegelman say that about himself?