09 April 2012

Annotated Bibliography

Leeming, David. Mythology: The Voyage of the Hero. New York: Oxford University           Press, Inc., 1998.
In mythology, David Leeming uses a different approach into explaining the subject of mythology. He stresses the universal themes of other cultures to explain the myth of many cultures. Leeming focuses on the various stages or the rites of passages of the universal mythic hero. He talks about a hero from their birth all the way to adulthood. He includes the tale of Jesus and Mohammed. He underlines the theory of myths that are real and apply it to real life.  With this book he provides an important resource for those who want to increase their knowledge on the subject of myths. 


  1. In your essay you could relate Leeming to Eco because Eco also mentions mythical heroes like Peter Pan. It would be good if you could mesh their opinions together to refine the definition on a mythical hero.

    1. And that "meshing" is called--All together now!--contextualizing ;-) Good point :-)

  2. Good annotation, Paige--maybe a little long, but that's okay.

    You also forgot to mention to how YOU will use it. That's important.

  3. This is a good point and this can be compared to McClouds Reinventing comics where he talks about the stereotype of comics and how we view them when in reality we believe in a lot of other things that can be considered "myths."