10 April 2012

An Annotated Source I Found Useful

Spiegelman, Art. Maus. New York: Random House Inc, 1983. Print.

What a fine source to use for my analytic essay. The graphic narrative "Maus" is a perfect example of what comics have been striving to do for years. My sole argument for my essay really boils down to how comics are no longer meant for all audiences anymore, and the course material in this book helps me prove this. This story is truly a narrative portrayed through seemingly harmless animals. It holds the same complex George Orwell's "Animal Farm", but instead of discussing the ruthless takeover of communist Russia, "Maus" depicts a vivid story of surviving the Holocaust. It all is from the perspective of Spiegelman interviewing his emotionally distant father who tells him in pieces the true reason for his mothers suicide and why he is so stead fast in not spending money and doing manual labor himself. The story gets a lot more gut wrenching and brutal, but for the purpose of my essay this is exactly what I require. I assure you that I will also have at least five academic sources, but utilizing this mirthless story will be the building block of what I am trying to convey.


  1. Great Annotation, Rob!! well summarized.
    However, i spot something in your work cited.. there should be a period after Art.

    You could still edit it!!

  2. Tsering you are a grammar samurai, thank you!

  3. Good annotation! But you were meant to annotate a new source :-/

  4. Ahhh My Bad, know I will be using Crossed by Garth Ennis