02 April 2012

Artie vs.The World...Maus Intro. and Ch. 5

The Comic book by Art Spiegelmen titled “Maus, A Survivors Tale,” is about a story mouse that his family that survive the Holocaust in the 1940’s that becomes the backdrop for this very heartbreaking story. In the story of “Maus, A Survivors Tale,” the stories main as are Vladek Spiegelmen as the father of Artie Spiegelmen who’s in the book is writing about his fathers and mothers story of survival in the holocaust. The connection between Art and his dad Vladek is a relationship that is broken but has some moment of hope. This comic book has some content in that is very difficult to indulge in because of the holocaust and the fact that the character Artie mother committed suicide when he was younger. Chapter five is an interesting chapter by examining the relationship between Artie and Vladek, but it the consent disconnection between Artie and his mission to get this dairy from his late mom. In chapter it discusses the importance the dairy of his mothers and the unveiling of Vladek other son that was killed in the Holocaust. This comic book goes to a whole other level as far as story and personal connection to the past and relating to the youth as comic book literature that goes hand in hand with the theories of Scott McCloud’s “Understanding Comics, Reinventing Comics.” Art Spiegelmen reinvention of a superhero in Maus goes to challenges the reader’s perceptions of what makes a hero tick. This very important comic is the only comic ever to win the Pulitzer Prize {1} in 1992 and as well other important awards to include the Eisner Award {2}. The relationship of Artie and Vladek in “Maus, a Survivors Tale,” is interesting story line in modern comics books yet translated by the foreseeable comic story lines. Scott McCloud’s theory in his book was to challenged the status quo in comics book today and Art Spiegelmen comic book of  Maus, A Survivor Tale,” goes to compare the new medium of graphic comics to come in the future as far content and storyline. 

Spiegelmen Art, “(Maus II).”  1991

  1. Pulitzer Prize Award Winner for Special Award for Citations- Letters, (Maus II). 1990 
  2. Eisner Award Winner for Best Graphic Album: Reprint (Maus II). 1990

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