09 April 2012

Auto-therapy Article Annotated Bibliography

Williams, Ian. "Autography As Auto-Therapy: Psychic Pain And The Graphic Memoir." Journal Of Medical Humanities 32.4 (2011): 353-366. Academic Search Premier. Web. 9 April 2012 

Remembering can sometimes be considered as re-living a traumatic event as Ian William describes in his article Autography As Auto-Therapy: Psychic Pain And The Graphic Memoir. The creation of autobiographies as a sub-genre of comics became more popular and gave a new meaning to many comics. Williams uses various examples from authors who have created these comics as a form of auto-therapy/catharsis. Although comics may not have the same effect on every author Williams states that, “Some artist hope that the process will afford some measure of healing and some artist find some therapeutic effect, whether expected or not.” This source ties into my research paper to provide evidence from these authors who have found a sort of art-therapy to help them cope with the situations they are sharing in their storyline. 

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