02 April 2012

Cancer the Killer of all Humanity

Our Cancer Year is a comic written by Harvey Pekar and Joyce Brabner. The story starts out when Joyce’s brother Tod came home. Tod hitched hiked and was doing odd jobs to earn some cash. Joyce and Harvey were working on moving, so Harvey hired Tod to help them move, because he had to have surgery to remove a hernia. Harvey was so nervous he couldn’t sleep. When they finally arrive to the doctor, Harvey is taken in and Joyce takes his wedding ring and kisses him. Tod went to get refreshments and snacks, when he got back the doctor was already there. Harvey’s family is worried that there is something seriously wrong. The doctor is in a rush and kind of blow Harvey’s family off. Joyce doesn’t understand what he
said. Soon enough they find out it was not a hernia, it was cancer. Harvey has to have a CAT scan ten days later to make sure that the tumor has not spread. No one in the family even knew what a CAT scan is. While the family is waiting to go back for the scan Harvey is set on the idea that he is going to die. He even fills out his will. Harvey just stays working on moving to keep his mind busy. Joyce gets angry with Harvey because he won’t stop moving the cinder blocks. She runs to her car and starts balling. Soon she is approached by her landlord and Slim. They keep harassing her because they want to go up to the apartment but she doesn’t want them there. Soon enough she got her way and they left. Tod suggests that Joyce should go over to the new house to unpack and get some rest. Joyce goes to check in with Stephanie the carpenter and finds out some very sad news. Stephanie found a lump in her breast and her family is very prone to breast cancer. This chapter ends with Joyce and Stephanie hugging to support each other’s’ situations. This comic is very sad. Both of my grandmas have died from cancer, and it’s hard not to get in the rut of depression like Harvey. The worst part about cancer is not having hope because in more cases than not it’s fatal. I think almost everyone can relate to this story because most people have gone through or have a family member that has cancer, or died from it.

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  1. Good summary, but how does this relate to another text we've read?