02 April 2012

Cancer Stricken Woes

Harvey thinks he's only going in for a hernia when he finds out it is actually cancer that he has. Of course upon being given this news he and his wife are devastated and it doesn't help that the doctor, as Harvey puts it, "has the bedside manner of a mack truck." Neither Harvey or his wife seem to know anything about cancer so his wife starts asking around about it. Harvey is less worried about himself and more so his wife and what will happen to her if he doesn't make it. Their friends come with good intentions by trying to make some suggestions to as what Harvey could try to get rid of the cancer, but this only makes him feel worse as if they are implying that he is desperate. This stress creates problems between them. Harvey gets angry because he cannot do everything he was able to before such as heavy lifting. His wife can't understand why he can't just take it easy. This delays their moving process some. Harvey finds some piece of mind by talking about it to Joyce's brother Tod, ad Joyce finds hers in talking to their carpenter, Stephanie. Turns out Stephanie may also be dealing with cancer when she reveals to Joyce that she has scheduled a mammogram for a lump she found.
Immediately after beginning to read this comic I saw similarities to the Maus comic. Not so much in the content of the comic, but the message it sends to the readers and the vibe it gives out. Just as in Maus the content of this comic is on a very serious level and the way it is drawn in a dark manner closely resembles the art work. Both comics are also a personal event from a directed point of view.
Making these tragic stories/bibliographies into comics not only makes them easier to read, but it also helps the reader to remember what they've read with little effort. I think making comics like this would greatly benefit in the classroom for all ages. If more comics like this were made and distributed widely it would definitely help open a door for comics and they would be viewed positively.

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  1. Your summary has some inaccuracies, Charisse, but aside from that, this is a good post. I'm glad you're seeing the similarities between this and Maus :-)