03 April 2012


In the beginning of the story we are introduced to the main characters Harvey and Joyce. Harvey is scheduled for surgery the following day to get rid of a hernia. When a few hours have gone into the surgery, Joyce notices that something is wrong when she sees the surgeon walk out of the room. The surgeon Dr. Cantor leaves Joyce very confused when all he tells her is that they found a large tumor removed it and said that the tumor is lymphoma. Then Dr. Cantor just leaves to work on another patient. Once Harvey was cleared to leave the hospital, both he and Joyce are still very confused as to what is going on. Harvey gets worried about leaving Joyce behind, so he begins to write his will. In an effort to console her, Joyce relies on friends to make her feel better and begins to do research on the cancer to learn more about it. When the Doctor calls Joyce and Henry, they get notified that Harvey’s cancer has not spread. Although slightly relieved, Harvey began to have mental breakdowns while doing hard work such as moving things around in the apartment. Later on while Joyce is outside, her landlord and another man had taken off work to come by and see the apartment. Joyce was so frustrated with everything that had been going on that she rudely told them to go away saying now is not a good time to see the apartment. Harvey and Joyce’s brother Todd leave to a new house. While at the house Joyce has a conversation with the carpenter Stephanie. Stephanie tells Joyce that because she has a mammogram scheduled, she will finish a little after schedule. It is learned that Stephanie found a lump on her breast and that her family has a history of breast cancer. Joyce calms Stephanie down by relating Harvey’s cancer to Stephanie’s cancer so in a way Stephanie and Joyce comfort each other.
When reading Our Cancer Year, we recognize that comic books aren’t just about superheroes. Comic books can also express feelings as well. Our Cancer Year was written to show how people cope with things going on in their daily lives such as cancer. Many people who read this comic will most likely be able to relate to it because these types of situations occur in our day to day lives.

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  1. Not a bad summary, but what does this text relate too?