07 April 2012

Extra Credit Blog: Unbreakable

Janelle McGee
April 7, 2012
TR 11-1215pm
Extra Credit Blog: Unbreakable
David Dunn, played by Bruce Willis is the main character in the movie Unbreakable. David is married to his wife Audrey and they have one son together named Joseph. David and Audrey met in a car accident during college. Miraculously David was not injured in the accident but claimed he had a season ending injury that made him not be able to play football anymore. It is evident that David and Audrey’s relationship is unstable when while on David’s train home from looking for a job in NY, he tries to hit on a sports reporter named Kelly. David’s train derailed while he was on it and he was the only survivor. Elijah, also known as Mr. Glass thinks that David is opposite of him and  that David is extraordinary, because not once in five years while working as a security guard for the University has David ever taken ill. He also has never been injured, and David’s weakness is water.  Mr. Glass has had over 44 breaks in his life and has a weak immune system, and he is also afraid of water. When Joseph helps his dad workout, they find out that David is super strong and can lift over 350lbs. Elijah tries to convince David and David’s family that David should use his powers for the better. David eventually gets persuaded saved two children whose parents got murdered. When David shakes Mr. Glass’s hand at the museum, he realizes that Mr. Glass is the archenemy who blew up the airport and killed so many people’s lives. David turns in Mr. Glass and Mr. Glass gets charged for terrorism.
This film can be related to the article Superman: From Cleveland to Krypton in the sense that every superhero has a weakness. In the article we learn Superman’s weakness is kryptonite. In the movie, we learn the “superhero” David’s weakness is water, and we also learn the “archenemy” Mr. Glass’s weakness is also water. Also in the article we are told that Superman has a secret identity of Clark Kent and wears a costume. Well in Unbreakable, David wasn’t given a secret name, but he developed a costume of a black cloak with a hood.


  1. Good post! But I'm pretty sure they didn't meet in a car accident... They were highschool sweet hearts that got into a car accident together.

    1. That's correct. Aside from that, this summary's a little cut and dry; try to not just list things when you summarize. Stick to the key points. Still, you're right about he relation to Superman--the director was clearly trying to retell that story.