09 April 2012

Fresh Jasmine Flowers

Persepolis is a movie we watched based a book written by Marijane Satrapi, which is the story of her life growing up in Tehran, Iran. Persepolis was published in France and then in 2003 published in the United States after it won many awards. The story is about Maji's childhood and trying to grow up through the Islamic revolution in 1979. While growing up she had her mother father and grandmother there to support her every move and eventually had to break it to her that society was going down the drain. Maji was just trying to live a normal life as much as she could by acting like any other kid wanting to be involved in the pop culture and what’s “in” style. Maji focused a lot on imagine and wanting to express herself in the way she liked. By doing this it made it harder for her to grow up because of the strict rules their society has to abide by wouldn’t allow this. Girls were not supposed to be so outspoken and only have one purpose to get married one day and have a family. She had to wear a veil at all times and have no skin showing or any make-up. Girls were simply looked down upon and Maji rebelled against this standard.

Living conditions started to get worse, were Iran was being bombed every day in and all around here neighborhood. So Maji’s parents sent her off to Vienna, Austria because they thought she would be safe and have a better life there. Maji went through many struggles when she moved here because she couldn’t find a place to fit in or be accepted. She felt like she could not connect with anybody and by trying to find herself she experimented like any other teenager does. She started having sexual relations with guys thinking they would fill a void that was missing, also started to smoke and drink. Maji was not happy and finally moved back with her parents to fill that void that was missing.

I loved this movie, I thought the animation and the message it was giving across was amazing. I thought Persepolis related to the reading Our Cancer Year because they were both true stories. They both focused on the struggle of one characters life and how they defied the obstacles. Both just simple showed it was possible to get through anything when friends and family are by your side to help.

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