10 April 2012

History of Superheroes in Comics

Superheroes in the film Comic Book Confidential filmed by Ron Mann gives us the background and information to most of the comic books written in the past. He takes us through main points in the history of comics. According to the film certain comic books hidden because they were considered to cause kids to take the action s superhero would such as fight, kill, and so on. Superheroes appeared because of the abandoning of pervious comic books. That is how superheroes came about because other comics were vanished and someone had to step in and create something that was completely just right for kids. That is one of the few reasons why I believe that superheroes such as hulk and superman did not derive from Jewish culture because according to this film it shows us that superheroes were created and came about because of the other comic books that were being left and cause for the rise of something that brought justice and seem educational on morals and law!

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