02 April 2012

Is it Cancer Doctor??!!

Is it Cancer Doctor?!!
Harvey and Joyce are two married couples that have lived there’s lives every day regularly but then there lives began to be shaken. Harvey was scheduled to have a surgery for Hernia but little do they know, it becomes much serious than they imagined. It begins when a friend of Harvey’s comes over to their house to come visit, and Harvey tells him that he has scheduled surgical appointment he will be going to tomorrow. He explains how nervous he is, so as the morning comes around he’s the first one to be up a couple of hours before the appointment. Everyone still a tired, had to get up and get ready to go because he wanted to leave early. They finally reach the hospital and Joyce and Harvey split from there as Harvey is whisked away to the operating room. A few hours or so had passed and Harvey’s doctor, Dr. Cantor comes over to see Joyce in the lobby and explains to her that it wasn’t Hernia, but it was cancer they had found. Dr. Cantor’s sympathy to Joyce was not so caring or tragic struck but rather he left right away without as much information for them to fully understand Harvey’s situation. Instead Dr. Canton walked away because he had another patient waiting for him downstairs.
As Harvey began to hear of the news about his cancer, things began to become sadder between him and his wife, Joyce. There friends eventually find out and try to give them advice but it doesn’t really help much. Harvey becomes more worried but not for him, instead he begins to be more worried about his whom and what she will do if he passes away from this cancer. It becomes more difficult for Harvey because he does not wish to stop working and he decides to do that. Joyce does not like the idea of him still working and lifting heavy objects, but Harvey refuses to stop as they both argue about it. Harvey and Joyce end up seeking advice about cancer from different people and they talk about how they both feel about it. Harvey talks to Tod (Joyce’s brother) about his situation and Joyce ends up talking to their carpenter building there new house. As Joyce begins to talk about her situation with Harvey and the cancer, the carpenter who is a woman, says she has a scheduled appointment for a mammogram because she found a lump. As soon as Joyce hears this, she realizes that it’s not just Harvey going through this alone. It becomes clear to her that she has to try to stay strong, not just for her but for Harvey as well.
This story can be related to Maus, Intro. Chp. 5,because it talks about the realistic struggles of life. In Maus, it was about Jewish Holocaust’s and the tragedy that two individuals had to endure together with. In Our Cancer Year, two individuals whom loved each other as well, have to deal with a tragic event that will change not just one of their lives both of them. The artistic works in both comics have a fine line of realism between them as well. Even though, Maus had a different approach by using mice as people, it showed a piece of artwork that scratched the surface of creativity and so did the story, Our Cancer Years. This story had an idea to use a story that relates to an audience through real life events, just like Maus did. It would be good for any audience, and it was interesting to read.     


  1. I agree. This story is pointed towards people that have had gone through the same events. It doesn’t seem to aim toward the general public such as McClouds definition of art does.