02 April 2012

Maus A Survivors Tale

In the following book Maus a Survivors Tale written by Spiegelman the author expresses his life through comics. In the story Spiegelman gives out main events in his life as a young adult. This character seems to be selfish and spoiled we can make this assumption by the way he acts such as when he gets that call from his father to at 7:30 am to go help him fix the roof. Although his son does not come he comes when he needs something from his father which is about a week later. The relationship between they have is not close and not healthy at all. The son makes a living by making comics books of his personal life. His parents are Jew survivors of the War World II. He also writes a comic book Prisoners on a Hell Planet which expresses his feels toward the death of his mother. His father reading the comic is hurt by details of the story. This story is so affective because it gives us a narrative in what it was like to be in this situation in only a few pages. The author uses the uses cats and mousse to give a general idea of how life was showing that mousses were killed and followed by cats. It gives us a detailed story of the daily life of a prison person not just.   

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  1. Not a bad summary, Lizbeth, but how does it relate to another text we've read?