09 April 2012

The Minority Report Code Name: Persepolis

Persepolis is an animated movie based on an autobiography graphic novel that was produce by Marjane Satrapi. The movie depicts the life of a young Marjane growing up in a seemingly middle class setting during a revolutionary era in Tehran Iran. Marjane who also goes by Marji, lead a life that was typical as far as her childhood goes, she experienced what most would consider normal not really knowing right from wrong and making choices without thinking them through like most children. The twist comes when governmental control begins to critique everyday life for Marjane and her family. As she begins to come to understand what is going on in her environment she attempts to take matters into her hands with several friends and makes an act of contest against a child hood acquaintance because his father was apart of the detested governments militia.
The story progresses further when Marjane’s uncle Anoush comes into the picture. Anoush who had been in prison for nine years as a consequence for protest and rebelling for the former communist party intrigues Marjane with his stories of his life, and the punishment of what happened to others who also stood up against regime. As things begin to heat up in Tehran, Marjane bares witness to fruits of war and oppression within her surroundings, the death of intriguing uncle and a fine for her parents because she was a unreserved preteen accustomed to western influence. This demeanor Marji displayed made her parents fearful of what could happen to her if she were to remain in Tehran they so sent her off to live in Vienna Austria, in 1983. There she experienced more then her parents would have probably imagined although she free to experience life as she would like, she also experienced the awkwardness of being a social minority, the pressures of trying to fit into an unfamiliar environment and the coming of age for a woman and the trials in error of the opposite sex. Marjane built much character while away from Tehran she had to grow up very quickly to adapt and before returning back to Iran she spent a brief time of her life homeless and near death. Upon her return she realizes that much has changed amongst the people she knew but her society is still being oppressed, the war is over and her family is very happy to have her back home. The excitement of the story stabilizes at this point; Marjane marries at twenty one years of age which her mother disapproves and then divorces reza sometime later in which her grandmother approves. Soon after Marjane leaves the country of Iran for good as to not to become statistic. Marjane Satrapi’s story relates closely to the first chapter of Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics because in that chapter McCloud displays how he was a social minority through his conviction of what comics are and just like Marjane Satrapi, this experience has become his life’s work. The tone of both of their works is very captivating because it draws you in, and lets one identify with it in their own way.  

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  1. Your summary's a tad too detailed, but it's not a bad post.