09 April 2012

Never Too Old To Be A Superhero-Extra Credit

The movie Unbreakable, starring Bruce Willis as David Dunn and Samuel L. Jackson playing Elijah Price as the main characters, is a suspense thriller about David Dunn discovering late in his life that he cannot be hurt, is extremely strong and essentially a modern day superhero. Elijah price, nicknamed Mr. Glass because of the fact that his bones are extremely brittle, thinks that David has what he lacks. That the two of them "seem to be linked by a curve, but sitting on opposite ends." Elijah has been searching for his opposite with no luck until he finds David. One day David is lifting weight in his basement when his son comes to help and tricks him by adding weights without him knowing just to see if he could lift it, and he does. Ever since meeting Elijah David's son is enamored by the chance that his Dad may be a superhero. David is called by the school because his son, believing that he might possibly harbor some of the same strength his Dad has, tried to protect a fellow peer from being picked on and got himself hurt in the process. Between this and trying to fix things with his wife he is more than overwhelmed. He takes Elijah's advice to go where people are and protect them. He is able to envision peoples' evil doings by merely touching them. After his first time saving someone he suddenly feels more happy. The next morning at breakfast David lets his son in on the secret of what he did. He then goes to Elijah's gallery to let him in on the news as well, but after shaing hands with Elijah he suddenly has a horrible vision of Elijah setting a building on fire, causing a plane crash, and finally exiting the driving area of the train that wrecked with David on it. Elijah has newspaper clippings all around of the destruction he has caused for his own selfish wants.
This movie is relatable to Superman. David saves people in a very heroic manner just as Superman does. And just as any superhero, they both have a fatal kryptonite. Superman's being the ore form of a radioactive element and David's being water. They both have an arch enemies, but strangely enough David's arch enemy "Mr. Glass" searched for him so he would know his place in the world.
I really like how this is a more simplified version of Superman. This movie is a lot more relatable than Superman because David is an average middle aged man with a family who grows up never know how incredible he really is.

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  1. Good post! It's interesting that you see this as a simplified version of Superman; most people view it as a more complicated version.