03 April 2012

No running from cancer

   At the beginning of the reading, the main characters Harvey and Joyce are preparing for Harvey's surgery that is scheduled for the next day. The surgery is to remove what is though to be a hernia. A few hours into the surgery, Joyce spots Harvey's surgeon walking out of the operating room and immediately senses that something is wrong. Dr. Cantor briefly explains to Joyce that they found a large tumor, removed it and said that it is lymphoma and then leave to tend to another patient. Joyce is left very confused because she knows nothing about cancer. Both Harvey and Joyce leave the hospital still very confused with what cancer is and what the next steps they are going to have to take are going to be. After returning from the surgery, Harvey and Joyce begin to prepare themselves for what is to come next. Harvey is worried about possibly leaving Joyce and prepares himself by meeting with a lawyer to begin writing his will for Joyce. Joyce prepares herself by calling friends to help her feel better and also tries to learn more about cancer and its treatments. After hearing from the doctor that the CAT scan showed that the cancer had not spread, the couple were still very uneasy about the cancer. Not too long after the follow-up appointment, Harvey, who was still very upset with the fact that he had cancer, has a small breakdown while moving things around in the apartment after Joyce had insisted that he should not be working this hard yet. While outside waiting for things to calm down, Joyce was approached by her landlord and another man. They tell her that they took off work to see the apartment but Joyce, who is still heated from what had happened earlier, aggressively tells the men that now is not a good time to see the apartment after they had persisted on going in. The men finally leave Joyce alone and she, Harvey and her brother Tod leave to the new house. Tod tells Joyce to stay at the house to rest for the day. While at the house, Joyce talks with Stephanie, who is the carpenter working on Joyce and Harvey's new house. Stephanie tells Joyce that she will finish a little late because she has a mammogram scheduled. She explains to Joyce that her family has a history of breast cancer and just recently she found a lump and has now become very nervous. The chapter closes with Joyce telling Stephanie not to worry about the work because she herself is dealing with a similar problem and then comforts Stephanie by hugging her.

Our Cancer Year was another example of comic books not just being about superheroes. Just as Scott McCloud had written in his book, comic books are sometimes written to express feelings, that is exactly what the authors of the comic book did. Our Cancer Year was written as a way to cope with what was going on in their lives. Because the comic book is based off a serious and real issue many people are able to relate themselves to the characters.

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  1. Good post, Nancy! Just be sure to let us know the title of the text you're summarizing ;-)