02 April 2012

No Superheros Here

The story Our Cancer year written by Harvey Pekar and Joyce Brabner starts off with Joyce’s brother showing up at her house randomly. He has been hitchhiking in town painting houses. Joyce’s husband Harvey gives him a job to help him move after his surgery for a hernia. During his surgery the doctor found a tumor. The doctor told Joyce it was lymphoma. A nurse then tries to tell Harvey that he can get through it because he has a good sense of humor. Harvey becomes angry and tells the nurse he wants to talk to the doctor.  They don’t get much information about the cancer but are told that he will get a CAT scan and be contacted in 10 days. Harvey becomes scared for his wife’s future without him and see’s a attorney to make sure she receives money after he is gone. Meanwhile Joyce called a friend and she gave her a help line number for cancer information. Harvey’s doctor tells him the cancer did not spread.  Still on sick leave Harvey then starts moving. His wife tells him to stop lifting heavy objects because he is going to hurt himself. Harvey gets mad and starts throwing the cinderblocks. Joyce leaves the house and see’s her landlords. They want to see the apartment. She tells them that it is a bad time and gets into an argument with them. Later on Joyce talks to the carpenter Stephanie. They have a conversation about her upcoming monogram and that everyone who has worked on Joyce’s new house has had some kind of health problem.

This story is about the struggles cancer patients deal with and how they cope with it. It is a different type of comic. It deals with a serious issue while most comic are about superheros. This comic has a important purpose that people can relate to. Another comic that can relate to our cancer year is Maus. This comic is not about superheroes but it reflects a serious issue.

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