02 April 2012

The New Cuss Word- C****R!!

Our Cancer Year,” is about a sensitive topic, cancer. It starts out by Joyce’s Brother Tod visiting after being in the area for a week. Harvey, who is Joyce’s husband, offers Tod some jobs because after his surgery he will not be able to lift anything if he has a hernia. On the day of the surgery, Harvey is anxious and his wife is just tired and cranky. Tod on the other hand is perfectly fine and drives the couple to the hospital. Harvey gets checked in and Joyce is in the waiting room with Tod, who leaves to get some refreshments. Shortly after he returns the doctor appears with bad news. They have discovered that Harvey had a tumor but they have removed it. Joyce doesn’t really understand much about the situation and has some questions but the doctor leaves before she could ask. He then delivers the news to Harvey, who doesn’t know much about the situation as well. But once again before he could ask questions the doctor leaves. A nurse enters the room and tries to comfort Harvey by sharing a personal story but he just wants to talk to the doctor. Harvey is aware that he has a CAT scan and will know the results ten days later. The couple arrives at home and they are worried about each other. Harvey fills a will, so that if anything is to happen to him Joyce would get everything. Joyce is talking to a friend complaining about how Harvey is just filing a will. The friend instructs Joyce that she should call a hotline for cancer to answer her questions. Harvey does the CAT scan and receives the news that the tumor did not spread. Harvey continues to do work and Joyce tells him not to do any work. Harvey gets angry with Joyce’s attitude and Joyce leaves the apartment. When she was outside she was confronted by the landlords and they want to inspect the apartment. Joyce tells them no and they begin to have an argument. The landlords decide to leave and come back later. Joyce then goes to the new house and talks with the carpenter and finds out that she has breast cancer. The two have a heart to heart moment and the comic is over.

This comic proves that not all comics have to be humorous. Nor are they all about superheroes and villains. Instead this comic is about a sensitive subject, cancer. It is a serious comic just like the last reading Maus. If you don’t recall what Maus is about, it is about the Holocaust. This comic could be geared toward a mature audience just like Maus.

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  1. So it's related to Maus because it's about a serious subject? That's a little flimsy :-/