02 April 2012

Personal affects that cancer cause to people

In Our Cancer Year written by and drawn by Joyce Brabner and Pekar Harvey gives us a point of view on what cancer patients and family’s go through before and after they find out that a family member or a loved one has cancer. In this story, we are given the view point of how it has impacted this family by the expressions of the characters and by the dark shades of drawings. In the story, the patient finds out that he has cancer while going to a doctor’s appointment during that appointment he is given a surgery without his knowledge and without any knowledge to the family. The family’s frustration are showed by the drawings and expression of their faces which is what most of the drawings consist of. The doctor in this story comes hours after and informs the family very bluntly that a surgery has taken place and that that a cat scan will be taken in ten days. He rapidly leaves without another word. According to the comic books pictures and the diction, the family shows an overflow of confusion, anger, and sadness when told about the process of diagnose that would be taken toward the man. In comparison to other assigned readings, this comic book shows the most expression it does so in a dramatic and suspenseful way to express the feelings of the characters. This comic book shows more shades of black which adds to the feeling of the story (sadness). The reason why these people most likely selected this writer would be because of the dramatic expressions in his work. These expressions perhaps met their emotions in that moment because of that is why they might have chosen to select him to tell their story.  He was able met their expressions and feelings in that moment with his drawings and diction.

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