10 April 2012

Ready to save the real world!?

In the movie, Unbreakable, it was about an ordinary man discovering what his true destiny is, all thanks to the help from a man whom was obsessed with comics. The man’s name was Elijah and Elijah as it had shown in the movie, was obsessed with comics from when he was a child. He has a condition that is very rare which causes him to break his bones so easily. As he realizes that he breaks so easily, his theory is that out there, there is someone who is unbreakable. This is where David comes into the movie. It all begins when there is a terrible train wreck and only one survivor out of so many had lived. This was David, whom was unharmed the whole time of the wreck and from there Elijah starts to pursue him, trying to prove he is unbreakable. It takes some time for David to believe and as he is trying himself to understand what is going on with him, his world gets more hectic, like his son actually pulling out a gun and pointing it at him ready to shoot, just to prove he won’t die. As time passes by, David realizes he is unbreakable but has a weakness, just like the way superman does. Elijah is the one who discovers his weakness which is water.
When David finally accepts the truth, he than helps a civilian family in need from a bad man. He decided to become a new superhero that hides his identity. As David goes to see Elijah to thank him, he touches Elijah’s hand and realizes that Elijah himself was also lying. He was the one who de-railed the train and sacrificed all those people just to find David. Elijah says the most important thing of all which is that David is set to be the hero but every hero has to have a villain. So Elijah became his enemy and David walked away.
This movie was a good one. It had a realistic feeling to it, nothing like these other superhero movies with graphic effects and such. It had a sense of realism to it, and I thought that was thing that made it so great. This movie relates to Maus, and Our Cancer Year, because even though these comics are series, they have real events going on in them. In Unbreakable, it has the same feeling of real life events and it’s based on the actual reality of things. So if someone dies than someone dies, or if the villain does something wrong than they actually go to prison not another alternate universe or if the superhero wants to save the day than they save real life events not made up meteors or ugly creators of the night. That’s how it relates to Maus and Our Cancer Year, because they talk about and have the feeling of real life consequences to them.

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  1. "That’s how it relates to Maus and Our Cancer Year, because they talk about and have the feeling of real life consequences to them."

    That's like saying it relates to Superman because they both have people in them :-/