06 April 2012

Sin City Annotation

Miller, Frank. Sin City. Milwaukie: Dark Horse Books, 2005. Print.

Frank Millers, Sin City, is an example of a comic that contains a radically different form of content then what is found in the average superhero comic.  The main character Marv, is a hulking brute who goes on a bloody rampage when someone murders the love of his life, Goldie, right next to him in their own bed.  Marv then rampages through Sin City hunting down her killers to make them pay for what they did.  This comic contains strong themes of violence and hate all stewing in a plot of revenge. I intend to use one image from this comic which helps prove that adult content can be found within comics. 


  1. You could also relate this to "The Dark Knight" written by Frank Miller as well because there is a lot of violence in that comic as well.

    1. Good call, Marci. Frank Miller is known for his crime comics, and he took that genre and applied it to superheroes like Batman and Dare Devil.

  2. Mike, great stuff. You just might want to indicate exactly which Sin City Comic you're referring too here, since there are about 8 :-)