08 April 2012

So Much In Common But Yet We Are Opposites.

We are in the 1980’s; a young African American lady appears to have given birth to a baby boy, Elijah, in a department store. Little does she know that her baby boy has a special kind of bone disease that allows his bones to break very easily. Now we are in the present day of the 2000’s and on a train that is 13 miles outside of Philadelphia. The passenger is named David Dunn, who meets another passenger but due to some actions taken by him the passenger moves to another part of the train. The train becomes derailed and everyone aboard are dead, except for David and another guy. But the other guy dies when David wakes up in the hospital. David makes the front page of the newspaper because he was the only survivor. David attends a memorial service for the victims of the train and he discovers a card on his windshield that asks him about how many times he been sick in his life. This question makes David realize that he has never been sick, or injured in his life. He finds the person who left that card for him, which is Elijah. Elijah is now owns a gallery full of comic art and is an expert about comics. Elijah discovers through numerous encounters with David that David cannot get hurt, he has a fear of water and he knows when someone has a weapon without actually seeing the weapon. And also when he touches someone he can see their past or some events that has happened to them. David’s son believes Elijah when he says that his dad is a superhero. The son tries through two situations to make his dad realize that he is a superhero. One situation dealt with a gun. David finally believes his son and Elijah. He follows a killer to a house that he is staying at, saves the hostages and kills the killer. The rescue makes the front page of the newspaper the next day and David shows it to his son. David goes to a gallery sale that Elijah is having and tells him about the article. At the end of their conversation they shake hands. David learns that Elijah is responsible for causing 3 major accidents; a fire in a building, a plane accident, and the derailing of the train. Elijah says that he did it because he almost lost hope and he also found David. He states that he and David are the same in so many ways but they are on opposite ends of a spectrum. David is the superhero and Elijah is the villain.

I enjoyed the movie but not the cinematography; I felt that it was always dark. Of course it was done on purpose but I don’t understand what they were trying to go for. Were they trying to set a certain mood for the movie? This movie is just like “Understanding Comics- The Invisible Art,” in my opinion. In the movie, we paid attention and we still got tricked. Thinking about the movie now there were hints that could’ve possibly helped us predict that Elijah was behind all the accidents. In Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics- The Invisible Art, we could’ve questioned his information but we didn’t think about that until we were reading Horrocks academic journal. I just feel that we got tricked in both situations and we didn’t notice until it was too late.

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  1. Good post. But some of your details are a little off :-/