06 April 2012

"Super Humans" Annotation

"Super Humans" is an article written by Patrick McCormick about the appeal of both superheroes and other heroes in our lives. He claims that as humans we are always searching for someone to be our hero. We have turned celebrities, athlete stars, and political candidates into heroes hoping for someone to look up to that is perfect. Unfortunately, they are all human and we are let down when they make mistakes. McCormick claims that we should really be looking to the saints of this world as our heroes, because they are the ones truly trying to save other's lives and make this world a better place. This relates to my research paper because my thesis is that there will always be some type of hero in this world. I will use this quote from McCormick about how heroes have always been around, "And ever since the serpent offered Eve a bite of the forbidden fruit, we have pined for that kind of power and invulnerability." Humans will always want that kind of power and invulnerability so there will always be hero stories.

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  1. Excellent annotation, Marci!

    Your summaries don't need to be quite that detailed--unless you want them to be :-)