09 April 2012

Superman as Saviour: Christian Allegory in the Superman Movies

Kozloff, Sarah R. "Superman As Saviour: Christian Allegory In The Superman Movies." Journal Of Popular Film & Television 9.2 (1981): 78-82. Academic Search Premier. Web. 9 Apr. 2012.
 In the article "Superman as Savior: Christian Allegory In the Superman Movies" written by Sarah Kozloff,  Superman is compared to our savior Jesus Christ. The article mentions how the motion pictures has content and characters similar to the Bible. Kozloff focuses on characters around Superman that helps contribute to the fact that he is similar to a biblical figure. She compares Superman's mother to virgin Mary and how they both share wisdom and compassion. One of Superman's villains, General Zod, is compared to the devil because he held a high position in paradise previously and was overthrown because of his pride issues.  
This article will play an important role in my essay because I am writing about a confused character aka Superman. He is unaware whether he is mythical or literary, by comparing Superman to Jesus Christ I will be able to show how Siegel and Shester favored Superman as a mythical hero. 
"It states that Superman, who evolved from the planet Krypton, depicts the role of Jesus Christ who was born in Jerusalem." 


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